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Spekboom is a proudly South African semi arid miracle plant, with the potential to tackle carbon emissions on a large scale.

The UN has dedicated 2020 to raise awareness about plant health and the impact of healthy plants and forests on food security, poverty, economic development, and sustainability.

Combing the amazing Spekboom with the UN’s vision is a no-brainer then. This small leaved phenomenon is taking the world by storm. We believe that by raising awareness and showcasing this wonder plant, we can play a small but significant part in sustainability. So how do we do this? Through a Year End Function Theme!

We recommend The Baobab Deck at Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa

This theme is an ode to nature, so it is a must to choose a venue that displays the beauty and abundance of mother nature. Choose a spot that creates space for appreciation and awe. The Baobab Deck is built around a proud 650 year old Baobab that overlooks the Murchison mountain range in Limpopo. This wooden deck is perfect for small to medium gatherings.

The magnificent view from the Baobab Deck

Smart casual is the way to dress. November and December is very hot in the bush and you want your guests to be cool and comfortable. If you want to, ask guests to all dress with something green. It could be an accessory or pair of shoes, as long as some green features in your outfit.

Use Spekboom as your main feature and add lots of greenery. Leaves, branches, wood or bark and natural textures. Wood underplates works beautifully and when paired with shiny cutlery, it brings balance and style. Nothings needs to be over the top, but be mindful of small details, like a Spekboom cutting tied to a white napkin with a green ribbon. Spekboom’ify the podium and any other area of importance with a few Spekboom plants of different sizes in a variety of interesting pots or vases.

Keep it interesting and fresh with a locally sourced produce menu with exciting twists like incorporating spekboom and stinging nettle into the dishes. Have fresh fruit smoothies and vodka fruit ice popsicles for welcoming drinks. A good chef will be able to give expert advice on what is in season and what will work best while also respecting your requirements and budget.

Porkbelly with gooseberry and spekboom pickle

a Spekboom plant in a little pot with care and reproduction instructions. It is very simple to care for a Spekboom and the world needs as much as possible of these little carbon-emitting shrubberies. Encourage guests to make their own cuttings.

The perfect gift, filled to the brim with possibility and significance: The amazing Spekboom

Make it memorable: When you’re at Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa, take guests on a game drive while the field guide pays special attention to interesting plants and trees seen on the way to the Baobab Deck. This is the perfect way to set the stage for the lovely evening to follow.

Game Drive at Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa, on your way to the Baobab Deck

Choose 5 to 10 management or staff members to decorate a simple pottery pot before the function. These pots can be used to plant your first Spekboom and will be auctioned at the function. All funds go towards conservation.

It will be our privilege to facilitate and host your Spek’tacular Celebration. Contact us for enquiries and bookings.


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