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Kilima Veterinary and Wildlife Conservation Course

Grounded in the faith of the caring human nature and fueled by gratitude for the beautiful world we live in, we’re excited to present the Kilima Veterinary and Wildlife Conservation Course Wildlife Vets carry out challenging clinical and surgical procedures on wildlife species almost every day. They are involved in disease research, game capture and often in the management of breeding projects. Their work also includes rehabilitating injured animals. To be part of this rewarding experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Meet Dr. Scheepers

Dr. Gerrit Scheepers is an experienced wildlife veterinarian that has rendered
services to various wildlife rehabilitation projects as well as endangered species projects

Everything you need to know

Veterinarians never stop learning new things and because
the industry is constantly evolving, it is important to keep up with the latest developments. Each case involve some
detective work that needs to be done and a key trait of a veterinarian is that they enjoy the challenge. The animal obviously can”t explain what is bothering them, so a broad experience and exposure is an added benefit to figure things out based on the physical exams and tab tests.
The course offer working with a wildlife vet outdoors, with animals on game farms and breeding projects. Time will be
spent in a laboratory performing tests or doing research, in consulting rooms and surgery or attending lectures at
educational tours on o nature reserve.

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