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Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa is not only a 8 x Award Winning Lodge, but also now a 2 x Award Winning Spa.

Kukura Wellness Spa is proud to announce that we’ve won the 2021 Leaders in Luxury award for the Most Outstanding Wellness Spa – Limpopo Province, as well as the 2021 Les Nouvelles Esthetiques Award.

Essential care deep cleanse facial

Are you suffering from dehydrated skin? The Essential care Deep cleanse facial will repair, hydrate & re-balance the skin’s natural protective functions.

For only R650.00/person

Luminace Glow Collagen

This is one of the ultimate skin care products on the market. It contains 100% Premium-Grade Grass Fed Collagen. It is now being recognized as the gold standard in collagen because it is tasteless, odourless and highly absorbable..

R595.00 for 600grm


The word Kukura is a Shona word that means GROWTH /ɡrəʊθ/At

We chose the word ‘growth’ for more than the simple definition of the word, we believe in personal development, we cherish the enhancements one makes to her or his self, we believe in our effectiveness of living, and to live – one needs to grow in mind, body and spirit. In taking hands with Kilima Private Game Reserve and Spa, we now offer you a holistic approach in growth.

We also believe in reducing toxic footprint and leaving a lasting legacy to all those who will walk this beautiful earth long after we’re gone.

The purpose of Kukura Wellness Spa services is to trigger the return of homeostasis in the body (state of equilibrium and balance) – this is achieved by reducing tension and inducing relaxation – relaxation is the first step in balance and equilibrium, because when the body is relaxed healing is possible.​

Kukura Wellness Spa is proud stockists of the amazing, all new Opulent Me Wellness Collection.